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    Through the ongoing process of organizing content and media elements which create personal profiles for specific audiences, social media users inadvertently curate versions of themselves. Social media turns users into curators as they create distinct incarnations that are separate, yet become the objectified digital presentation of one’s physical self. Examples of “curated self “ include layers that address multiple types of audiences: Personal curation is content primarily for oneself, a social curation is content for interaction with friends, family and acquaintances, spectacle curation is content for strangers and authorities to evaluate, and a business curation is content for the furthering of professional interests. Curated layers exist concurrently as relational, practical and entertainment tools. As self-presentations, they are edited objects produced for distribution to specific audiences for their consumption, i.e. viewing. Curated layers are commoditized forms of identity capital. These distinct layers are examples of the articulation of self-presentation awareness, with potential implications for further research as digital platforms and social media continue to change. Social media makes self-curators of users by its very function in the distribution of online media content.